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Home 1964 - ongoing

2002 - ongoing
'O/S' Briefcase Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

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Home 1964 – is an A4 bound property portfolio that contains the real estate details of every property I have lived in. My home has throughout the years been geographically dispersed and historically and architecturally distinct, with property varying in size, value and length of habitation.
Real estate, the business of immovable property, is inextricably inter-linked with the notion of what constitutes ‘home’.
The Oxford English dictionary defines home as "the place where one lives, one’s native land, the district where one was born or where one has lived for along time or to which one feels attached". However, in an era when the market economy is making remaining at home an increasingly challenging proposition, home could be defined by its opposite - away -.

Curated by Suzanne Treister.




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